Change the world, one child at a time

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Who we are

We are willing to get out of our comfort zone…

TongueOut is silly. TongueOut is foolish. Yet, to be used by God, we who are educated, “wise”, and higher in the ladder of success need to become foolish, become silly, step out of our comfort zone, off our ladder of success, pride, fame, and popularity to become like a child.

Our Story

The focus of our work is to give hope for children “forgotten” by society. We care for the abandoned, and the poor with medical care, education, school construction & repair, and more.

25% of the profit goes to charity

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Our mission

We believe we can change the world. Not by changing politics, laws, or legislation…

But by showing love to a child. We change the world by giving hope to one child at a time. And we do that while sticking our tongueout.

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Orphanage Care

Help us rescue orphans

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Medical Clinics

Join our medical team

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Eye Surgeries

Give the gift of sight

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